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Nike football boots

Nike Football Boots Shoes There are many sports companies that have a piece of the lucrative sports equipment and apparel market. They are in competition to be the outfitter to put boots on your feet. A few of the big players are, of course, Nike, Adidas and Puma. Nike, out of the USA is the world’s biggest maker of sports clothing and equipment including everything to do with football. The company was founded in 1964, but did not start using the name Nike until 1978. In fact, the swoosh came before the name Nike. The first time the famous swoosh appeared was in 1971 and was sewn on; you guessed it, a pair of soccer shoes, called Nike. Later the name of that shoe would become the name of the entire brand. Today you find professional athletes from basketball to rugby wearing the famed swoosh and Nike endorses the top players in every sport so they are certainly a god in the industry. In addition to the Adidas sports apparel company, Germany is also home to one of the big cats of the industry, Puma. And Puma has the world’s fastest cat wearing it’s shoes. Usain Bolt, the quickest man on record is sponsored by Puma. One wonders how Mr. Bolt would fair on the football pitch in a pair of Puma football boots. Puma know the game well and has had some of the world’s most famous footballers wearing their gear, including Pele and Argentina’s national team coach and former player Maradona.

Adidas football boots

Mens Adidas Football Boots Since the year 1924, the Adidas company has made a whole host of products that have spanned almost every conceivable sport from tennis to track and field. Their shoes and clothing carry the world renowned three parallel strips, undeniably one of the world’s most recognizable logos. When most people think of Adidas they think of soccer footwear and rightly so, the company was founded in Germany after all. The absolute admiration in the quality of the shoes then spread to other European countries and every team from national teams to school teams were marching onto the field with Adidas equipment strapped to their feet. Men’s boots are far better sellers than boots for women, due to the sheer number of men playing the sport in relation to woman players, but with the rise of strong national women’s teams the number of boots for woman and girls is on the rise as well. Now with the growing popularity of football in Asia, in particular China and Thailand, it is expected that many more pairs will be marketed and sold in that region, and all it would take is one big international win by the Chinese team to put that country on the football map. If that ever happens the sales of men’s football boots shoes will go through the roof and Adidas will be there pressing hard that everyone in Asia who wants to be the next great football star will be making a bid for that title in their boots.

The Worlds Favourite Sport

Sales of football equipment have evolved with the game itself. Before the first brick and mortar football boot store opened its doors to the public, many shoe salesmen would show up at a match selling boots out of the boot of their car. In fact, the guys from Nike got their start selling running shoes out of their car at track and field events in the State of Oregon in the USA in the 1960s. Eventually major shoe retailers saw the potential in selling soccer cleats along with all their other footwear from running shoes to dress shoes, but the selection varied and these big stores did not have anyone on the floor who knew anything about difference in cleats and manufacturers. This was about the time that shops dedicated to the game, its gear and equipment, started to spring up all around the UK. The early specialty stores could not really compete with the big Football boot UK retail shops and many ceased operations within the same year. For the first time professional, novice and amateur players could find stores that specialized in providing knowledge and expertise from salespeople that truly had a passion for the sport. The store owners and staff knew about every shoe in production from Nike, Adidas, Puma and other apparel makers. Not only would the staff know the equipment but also what teams and players were wearing, and this went a long way in influencing sales.

A Plethora of Supply options

Nowadays consumers can find a new football boot shop in the city or town that they live or on the internet. Many argue that there is a better selection, more informative new product news, comprehensive reviews and a better assortment of hard to find sizes on the internet. Plus there is the convenience factor. Shoppers have little time and energy to scour an entire city for the newest boot only to find that it is either out of stock or more frustrating yet it is not the right fit. Often this becomes a very expensive endeavour in terms of time wasted and real money spent on petrol or bus fare. Add to this a shopper who is looking for a particular type of shoe for specific pitch conditions such as an Astro Turf football boot. As the majority of players play on natural turf, such a precise shoe will be difficult to find at a local retailer or specialty shop. However a cleat made for use on an artificial turf is easy to search for, find and order over the web. All the major manufacturers make shoes for artificial turf. The products are also well designed having made great advancements in shoe technology and lessons learned from many years of American NFL teams playing mostly in Astro turf stadiums. It is less likely to see European football teams playing on artificial turf since players and fans prefer the natural look and feel of grass. This will certainly continue into the future.

Reputable Online Purveyors

Since the advent of the internet and rise of ecommerce Football boot websites have mushroomed on the web. But not all internet retail sites are the same. There are major web retailers, smaller shops and people selling on auction sites. But when dealing with an unknown web seller the question remains, will you actually have what you ordered when you open the package that the seller dropped in the post? And if there is something wrong with the order, what is the exchange policy? Will the merchandise be exchanged without a problem? Will it be exchanged at all? Therefore it is important to look for internet sporting goods shops with a long track record and customers who are consistently happy with the product, the shopping experience and responsiveness of their customer service departments in the event that a product needs to be returned or exchanged due to a manufacturing quality imperfection or simply because the Men’s Adidas football boots do not fit correctly. So the thing to look out for is that the internet sporting goods retailer has a clear return and exchange policy in writing on the website. The return and exchange policy should also be in effect for shoppers who purchase items during football boot sales and other promotions. In the event that there is a material imperfection in the shoes, the product will be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection and replacement should the merchandise be found to be faulty. If the product is the wrong size this can be remedied too.

The Beautiful Game

To buy football boots online you simply need to know your foot size, provide a credit or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo and a mailing address where to send the product. It’s that easy. The more reputable internet retailers will use secure processing measures and send all financial information on protected networks. Internet identity theft is on the rise so when ordering sports apparel and equipment over the internet make sure to go with one of the leading players in the industry, this is the first step in making sure that you willing be getting the product that you ordered and that all your sensitive financial information is safe and secure at the time you place your order on the website. Due to lower overhead costs by doing business over the internet, web retailers are able to offer a cheap football boot online. When shopping online or at your local shop, compare prices and you will see more often than not that the gear you find on the internet is cheaper than what you will pay when you walk into a shop. To recap, there are a few things to remember when shopping for sports equipment online whether it is for footwear, jerseys, pads or balls. Look for a trustworthy seller, with a history on the internet. Also a seller with a huge variety of name brands in a variety of sizes. Lastly, make certain that the company has a comprehensive and clear return and exchange policy.

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